Implementiation Of A Data Assimilation System In Conjunction With The New York State Mesonet

Nick Bassill* and Ryan Torn

New York State is currently installing a sophisticated mesonet across the state consisting of 125 surface stations with a variety of instruments, a network of 17 vertical profiling sites, as well as separate snow and flux networks. As of the writing of this abstract, site selection is complete and roughly 20 surface sites are currently installed, with an expectation that all networks will be completed by the end of 2016. Collectively, these networks will record a wide variety of measurements useful for numerous applications. One of these applications will be to facilitate the development of a sophisticated real-time analysis system. The goal of this system is to produce high-resolution analyses both spatially (3 km) and temporally (1 h) for New York State and its vicinity. This system will use the Advanced Research WRF model within a Data Assimilation Research Testbed framework. Preliminary work has been done developing a configuration of model physics and domain parameters suitable to forecasting in New York State. The next step is to test this configuration over several interesting meteorological events, which is currently underway. Once we are confident in the system’s performance, it will be implemented in real-time. Mesonet observations will be gradually incorporated as appropriate after they become available and their quality vetted. This presentation will give a brief overview of the New York State Mesonet along with a description of the current state of our testing and implementation.

*Preference: Oral