The COMET Operational Ensemble Data Assimilation and Forecast System

Lucio Torrisi* and Francesca Marcucci
COMET-Operational Center for Meteorology, Rome - Italy

Since june 2011 the Italian National Meteorological Service is operationally running an ensemble data assimilation algorithm based on the LETKF scheme (CNMCA-LETKF). The CNMCA-LETKF data assimilation system is used to initialize the deterministic 7km COSMO-ME model and the COSMO-ME EPS system. Several changes has been tested for the introduction in the operational configuration in order to improve the quality of forecasts. In particular the assimilation of new observations (i.e. ATMS radiances and GPS zenith delays), a better humidity treatment and the use of SPPT to improve the treatment of the model error have been deeply investigated. Verification results against the IFS analysis/observations will be shown to evaluate the impact of previously cited changes.

*Preference: Poster